Sunday, March 09, 2008

Busy week behind - Busy week ahead

Our week did not improve after my last post. Kurt had a conference call at 7 am Thursday (following his 2 am return from work the previous night). All hell was breaking loose. He got off that call at 1pm. At 1:12 he was back on - it lasted til 5:30. Phone calls from his boss and his boss's boss followed. At 6 pm he was finally able to shower and get dressed for the day.

Friday I went with my aunt while she got an IMT treatment as well as I believe quantum biofeedback. It was interesting. We got to go to Red Lobster afterward followed by a trip to Barnes and Noble. I splurged at Hy-Vee. I bought Gouda, Camembert, a not crusty enough baguette, and a bottle of Moscato d'asti. YUM!

Saturday Kurt and I puttered around the house all day. We went out for Cajun food later that evening. They were again out of the catfish. I had to have the jambalaya. The hurricane's were good and my dessert had undisclosed nuts.

Today we didn't do much at all. We played with the puppy and took a load to Goodwill. We both feel a little under the weather.

Tomorrow we are going to my grandpa's farm so Kurt and Todd can go through his tools to see what they want. We'll sell the rest. I have an eye appointment and I need to go to the bank again to see if I can find the title to the Impala. We accepted the offer the dealership made.

Tuesday I have class. Wednesday and Thursday I have doctor's appointments. Wednesday Christy gets her braces on and we don't have dog class. I don't think we have anything planned for Friday. Alex's musical is this weekend, but I don't plan on going. I think Kurt may though.

OH I'm sooooooo excited. I bought a Roomba today! It should be here in the next week.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Sounds like a LOT going on!