Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is not the week....

to try to quit cursing. Yesterday we went through my grandpa's tools. It would have been his 93rd birthday. Doing that wasn't so bad. We sold Kurt's car to the dealership. The plan for yesterday was for me to get my eyes checked (perfect vision tyvm). Kurt was to leave work at noon or so then we would go to the dealer and exchange the title for the check. Well, he was running late, the eye doctor took forever and they dilated my eyes. We were going to meet everyoneat the farm at 230. We got there at 3. Sometime around 1 pm Kurt's systems went to shit again. He was on a the phone the entire time we were at the farm. He was on the phone all night last night. At midnight he left for Davenport (2 hours away). He's still there. He's been up since at least 6 am yesterday. He's hoping (against hope) to be done by 2 or 3 am tonight.

After being at grandpa's, we hot-footed it to the dealer. The person that cuts the checks was gone. The plan was to go this morning at 9 am.

The puppy and I go to bed. At 5:58 this morning, I hear the bedroom door open and see what I thought was Kurt come in. I say "Hello" and get no answer. The dog sits up and starts growling. I say "who's there". The figure moves over to the closest. Francis is freaking out. I grab my cell phone and illuminate the room. Nothing. My heart is racing. I am completely awake. I calm Francis and lay back down. I see the figure again. I am completely freaked the F out! I get up and check the bathroom and main floor. The front door is unlocked, but I didn't check it before bed. Neither did Kurt since he had no bedtime routine. I get online to talk to Rikki. She's not on. I text her freaking out. She calls me to see what's going on. When I go to take Francis out, Nicky is just getting up. I tell him to turn on all the lights. I take Francis out. When I come back in I lock both doors. The next time I take him out the inside door is unlocked. That happens several more times. I know I saw someone.

I get ready to go get the check. Then I remembered I have water aerobics at 8:30 am. So I missed that. When I called this morning the dealership had no clue what I was talking about and the guy we dealt with is off today. AWESOME.

When I finally make it to the garage, I discover the monster truck has a flat. There is NO WAY I can possibly change it. Luckily we have an awesome service station in town (same people we got the washer from). They came out, put air in it, and I went to get it fixed. Turns out there's a "chunk" of steel in it. They repaired it ($16) and said to watch it for bulges.

I do manage to go and get the check this afternoon. On the plus side my class for tonite was cancelled. However, now we have two 5-1/2 hour classes to make up.

I'm doing homework and chatting with my husband tonight when the laptop goes black. Some message about utilities and F1 and F2 comes up. Nothing happens. I call Kurt. Yep, the hard drive has died. We just replaced it in the past year. UGH.

Kurt is now waiting for a tech to come help him and some big deal support guy is supposedly in his car and on his way. I bet we pay for another night's hotel of which Kurt never manages to darken the door. I am not very excited about going to bed tonight either. I locked both of the automatic garage doors, I've triple checked the locks. The pooper, the cell phone, the baseball bat and I will be locked into my bedroom tonight.

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Hope UR having a great weekend!