Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

My doggie loves to look out our almost floor to ceiling living room window. I noticed at the 18" level the window is totally nose prints. He likes to bark at the people, cats, and buggies going past. I can post pictures once I get around to learning about my new digital camera.

Kurt wanted to rearrange the living room. It's nice. We flipped the items north to south. I went through a garbage can of stuff from Grandpa's house. It had checks and bank statements from 1937 up to the 50's. Some of the checks were written in pencil! I have checks paying on the first farm my grandparents bought, checks to my great-grandfathers that have their signatures on the back, and checks paying for the various horses and livestock. In the can there was also tax assessment rolls for the farm and yearly tax payment receipts. Taxes for half a year were $14.28!

A couple of sacks had vintage linen postcards as well as postcards from when my parents drove to Mexico City in 1968. So cool! What I am going to do with the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of postcard I own, I have no idea. On one of them my mom is glad they haven't had to fill up the car since gas is 72 cents a gallon!

We went and ate at Jonesey's in Center Point last night. It the home of the giant tenderloin. I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and slaw, while Kurt had the ham dinner with mashed taters, slaw, and Texas toast. With drinks our bill was under $15.

Alex called early yesterday morning. He needed his good pair of shoes for mock trial. Kurt and the kids went and saw him in SEUSSICAL Thursday night. He actually thanked Kurt for coming and told him he was hoping he'd come. Maybe all hope isn't lost on #2.

I made green lentils yesterday. It's some Turkish recipe. It was ok. I need to accept that I need to eat crap like that. Ugh.

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