Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!

It's so nice that I'm not laboring for once. I actually don't have to work anymore holidays this year. It will be first time ever since I started working that I've been able to say that!

We ended up not going to the Renfest. I looked at radar and a big storm was parked right over it. I didn't feel like drive 1.5 hours, paying $40 entrance, and then as Fred said, "Looking at a thunderstorm." I rented SAHARA instead. Everyone enjoyed it. It was pretty good; not as good as the book of course, but still fun.

Magoo and I went to my parents' for lunch today. I had ribeye and the dog had a pig's ear. My sister was up from DSM. The baby, 2.0, was kicking but not when anyone but Marn could experience it. Apparently, he doesn't like to perform.

Talked to Kurt, he was watching the ferries load and unload. He had another wonderful FRESH seafood meal. I'm jealous. This time it was big, juicy, sweet scallops. I may have to go to Red Lobster tonite!

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