Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I found out today that my center is staying open until AUGUST 25TH! I'm completely annoyed! I hate that they expect us to bend to their every whim with no warning whatsoever. "We're closing March 10" "No, wait make that March 29th" "NO wait, August 25th" "What you've planned a vacation, doctors appointments, and committee meetings? That's too bad. OH, and NO we don't know what your schedule will be".

I've had a lot of tenured employees with vacation leave because they were told they would be jobless. They are now in jobs where they don't have benefits.

I guess on many levels me still having a job is good. It's too late for me too pick up more school hours this semester, it will be better for us when when fill out loan applications, and it may help our custody case. BUT it's still annoying.


Marnie said...

That sucks! I guess you didn't need to have the civil ceremony after all.

Kurt said...

Makes you wonder why someone would want to work there.