Monday, March 20, 2006


Kurt and I have reached the point in our marriage where we irritate each other. JOY! It mostly has do to with my sister giving the entire family the plague last week which made our vacation less than relaxing. (I never knew one man could hold so much gas)("hold" might be the wrong word). Therefore, Chicago was fun but not f**king fantastic fun like I had hoped. We did have an AWESOME room at The Seneca. It was 1 block from the Hancock Tower and 2 blocks from Water Tower place. Despite the ick, Kurt, Amy, Rikki, and I had a good time. We had tapas at, we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Science and Industry. We also hit the Cheesecake factory, and Second City. Oh yeah and World Bazaar and the Container store.

Now back to the irritating. The children are irritating, my job (which will NEVER end) is irritating, and spring break being over is irritating. Also, one of the stones fell out of my wedding band. The REALLY irritated me. I was mostly over being a crabby crabberson by Sunday. I'm trying to remain in a quasi good mood this week.

Next week we have the kids full time. I can't begin to fathom how much food and laundry that's going to entail. We pick them up Friday night and don't take them back a week from the following Sunday. Pray for me.


Rachel said...

I'm glad you still had a good time and got to see so much! I'll be thinking of you next week. You can do it!

Marnie said...

I hadn't puked or had a fever for 4 days and Ryan & Todd didn't get sick. Who knew I'd be contagious still?