Friday, March 24, 2006

They arrive!

My week as a full time soccer mom has begun. I ran some laundry, stuck supper in the oven, did some dishes, and went to get #2 at soccer practice. Kurt arrived at 6:30 with kids #3 and #4. #1 stayed at the farm saying he'd come over "if we did something special". You all can guess how I reacted to that :)

I'm out of the dreaded 'pac until Monday, April 3rd. Today was supposed to be my official date of separation. I got to work, fired up my computer, and saw I had a calendar reminder that said, "Last Day at Work - 59 minutes overdue". So sad. I wanted to try and keep it up so it could continue to tally for me until our next mythical close date in August. It didn't work though.

I have big plans for my vacation next week. I want to order wedding pictures, finish wedding preparations, work on the kids' scrapbooks, figure out some curtains for the living room, and sell my grandpa's truck. I'd also like to make it through some more boxes. Maybe part of my plan should be to be a such a fantastic wifey-poo and evil step mother that Kurt sees the light and says, "screw the severance! Go ahead and quit!"

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