Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy Busy

We've had a pretty decent weekend. Saturday, while Alex was at his girlfriend's band solo contest, Kurt, Nicky, Christy, and I went to Spillville to the Bily Clocks www.bilyclocks.org. It's a museum I'd gone to as a kid. My family was always big on educational day trips. It was cooler than I remember. Dvorak spent a summer there so the upstairs has an exhibit about him that I didn't recall. The museum has various collections of stuff like Indian artifacts, rocks, and other clocks. We got in for a family rate and got a guided tour!

As long as we were in the area we drove down to see Ft Atkinson. It was a fort helping to protect the Indians from 1840-1849. It was a bit chilly but the kids got to run around for a while.

The next stop was the world's smallest church in Festina. St. Anthony of Padua was built in gratitude after a mother's son returned from the Napoleonic Wars unharmed. The brochure said the son was the only veteran of those wars in Iowa. (I found that hilarious).

Our next stop was to a Fish Fry. It was worth the wait! They had that yummy sweet colesaw with poppyseeds. I love that stuff! However, I think fish frys are going to be an activity we pursue once we are childless.

Sunday, Christy and I went to the Taste of Grace Tea at my home church. Mom had invited us. She emceed and did a great job. The had 50 different sweets and savories for us to load up on our snack trays. The accordion Club of Iowa was part of the entertainment. They were pretty good, but 2 hours of on and off accordion music is more than enough. While we were there the boys had some male bonding time. They did archery in the side yard and some yard clean up.

We got everyone to and from their first day of school with us. Nick has a 50 pt project due on Wednesday. He wasn't going to do it because he didn't have any money for tagboard. GRRR. Kurt and I have been working with him on that.

In order to amuse myself I'm keeping track of the number of loads of laundry and dishes during our week with the kids. It's for 9 days. Any guesses??


Marnie said...

At least they can help with the dishes and fold laundry. Now if I could just get Ryan to make his own bottles...

Rachel said...

Twelve loads of wash and lots of paper plates! I am glad you got out and had some fun.