Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Pink Shirt

I finally convince Kurt to get a pink dress shirt. I think he's way sexy in it. He's got the right coloring for it (being of Danish and Swedish stock and all). We got one at Kohl's on sale. It's a $50 shirt for around $12. Wrap it up we'll take it home!

Now he resisted the pink shirt for a long time. He didn't think it was manly enough. He didn't want to be a metrosexual. Who knows what the reason was.

He wore the shirt yesterday with his new khaki dress pants (he calls 'em slacks). He got a flat tire on the way to work. He was in the process of changing it; standing there deciding how to best get the power bolted on lug nuts off...When a WOMAN offered to do it for him. Since he was in his dress clothes and she had on her work clothes. I asked if she worked at the truck stop. He said no but she did have on more "work" type clothes. He declined her offer feeling a bit humiliated. A bit later a trucker came over and asked if everything was alright wondering if Kurt needed help changing the tire.

He told me about it when he got home. He was M - A - D!!! "Just because I'm wearing a pink shirt people think I'm helpless!" It was the best laugh I've had all week. I wonder if he'll wear it again?

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Kurt said...

I had the tire off, and was pondering which way the space saver spare went on when she came up and offered to help. Kind of funny after the fact.