Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the children and I survived our week together. It wasn't without tears and frustration on any of our parts though. Another vacation done. This year our highlight was trip to Rochester to stay with Kurt's brother, Greg and Sister-in-law, Kim. Their two boys, Sterling and Chandler are 19 and 14 (I think). It was nice. Great "hotel". They provided all the food and entertainment. The kids were glued to the TV playing video games, only breaking to eat sweets or get in the pool. The lack of organized meals, limits, and bedtimes was making me crazy. We were there from Friday afternoon until Sunday noon.

On the way up we stopped at Niagara Cave in Harmony, MN. It's one of the top ten caves in the US. Pretty good as caves go. Not that I've been in many. You go on a walking tour down and into the thing. It's like 80 feet underground and then you wind your way back in there a half mile. Christy REALLY loved it. "Take a picture! Take a picture!" I got a little claustrophobic at one point. Kurt was walking in front of me, so he was blocking the little light there was. The walls were only about 6 inches on each side of me. Check it out at

I'll post some pictures as soon as I unearth the camera and get caught up on the laundry!

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