Thursday, May 29, 2008

Parkersburg, Iowa

Here are pictures of the aftermath in Parkersburg, Iowa. Five people were killed there and two more in New Hartford. Amy's parents, Greg and Pam, lost everything. They weren't home at the time. Greg and Pam says the pictures don't even begin to show the devastation. I think the shocked, blank looks on their faces does a pretty good job.

The tornado was rated an E F5 on the new scale. They say wind on the ground was 200+ mph. The Red Cross is helping a lot. The Iowa National Guard is on site. Donations are needed. Please designate Parkersburg, IA if you do donate. A fund has also been established for Greg and Pam at a local credit union.

***I received these pictures in a forward and am trying to track down the original source.

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