Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sprucin' Up

We've had some home improvement happening here abouts! Yesterday we got our rubber membrane roof on the flat part of the house. Today, we're getting three new windows. Two in the dining room and one in the kitchen. I'm so excited to be able to open my kitchen window by myself!

We also have our handy hubby's son here installing insulation above our bedroom. Last night his dad (the handy hubby) fixed the roof soffit outside our bedroom, put drawer pulls on the vanity in the bathroom, and installed our 3rd new motion light/porch light. Next he's going to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms and dining room!

The outside of the house is scheduled to be painted in June.

Saturday we went to the Garden Club plant sale. We got probably $75 or more worth of plants for $13! It include a brownie and a 4 pk of chocolate cupcakes, too! All the plants were perennials. We got a blackberry, Siberian iris, blue iris, yellow yarrow, and a flowering crab apple tree. I see today that I have deep purple almost black iris blooming. My bleeding heart is huge and in full bloom.

Kurt and I got a lot done over the weekend. We got the lawn mowed, the flowers weeded, and the new plants (most of them) in. We are ready to mulch now. We also put little picket fence around maple seedlings in the yard. We're going to see if we can get some of them to turn into trees.

This weekend we are celebrating Kurt's birthday. We've got a free room at the Marriott and will be dining at his favorite sushi restaurant. We'll be attending the Marian Arts festival, too.

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