Monday, September 22, 2008

16 years later

Saturday I went to a 16 year college reunion of my group of friends. In 1992 I graduated from Tech school with a degree in photography. Around 10-13 of us hung out (i e partied) all the time. Of course the Wonder Twin and I have been bff ever since. I've seen a few others from time to time and a few of us exchange Christmas cards.

Nine of us actually managed to get together. There were assorted spouses as well. Kurt only came up for dinner. We met up at Sub city for lunch - it was always a favorite - then got checked into the hotel, had a few beers and got a tour of our newly remodeled alma mater. Keep in mind we graduated just a digital was coming out - The school is pretty much all digital now.

We went out on Main street. Dinner was at Bourbon Street. After dinner we talked and had a few more drinks. 16 years later we are nursing drinks rather than guzzling them and looking for a quiet place to talk rather than being told to keep it down!

Back at the hotel we scrounged up a tv and vcr and watched some videos from college parties. Omgoodness! Mullets and acid wash jeans all around! We had lots of laughs.

A few of us met for breakfast in the morning before people had to make the sometimes long rides home. I'm so glad I wasn't one of them!

Hopefully, it won't be another 16 years before we get together.

Cory, Me, Brian the WT, Wendy, Dean

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