Thursday, September 04, 2008

Please Please Please....We have to win!

This scares the HELL out of me:

Mr. Morton, a retired crane operator, was worried that his party had been inching to the left – and that even if conservatives would still vote for McCain, they would not volunteer for him. But no more.

“I’m a leader in my township, and we now have boots on the ground we didn’t have before,” says Morton. “All the gals, right-to-life, home-schoolers, were going to vote for McCain, but they weren’t going to work for him. Now they’re going to work for him.”

Now, I don't normally read the Christian Monitor, but it was the link via Google News.

I thought she gave a much better speech than Rudy. Watching the Republican convention ties my stomach in knots.

If the Democrats can't win this election we may never be able to win one.

***Rikki and Amy were in the Twin Cities last night at the Rage Against the Machine concert. They band has a big sign saying "F**** U RNC". The said the feeling in the Cities was one of tension.

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Kurt said...

Maybe we need to start working for the Democrats.