Wednesday, September 24, 2008

People are Beginning to See.....

A little history - I've been friends with Rikki for 7 years. We were roommates for a year half a decade ago. When she moved in with me I asked, "Have you changed your voter registration?" Her frustrating reply was "I'm not registered to vote."

Since then I have hounded and hounded her. I have given her all the examples I can think of as to why she should vote, why not voting is idiotic, and how important it really is to vote.

As this administration has continued to turn back time in women's rights, gay rights, and international diplomacy (Cold War II anyone) she finally registered. She got her girlfriend, Amy to register, too. They've been registered for a few years now.

Now - the two of them plan to move to New York City. It could be as soon as October. I suggested they get absentee ballots in case they got moved and didn't meet the deadlines when they got to New York. Now more than ever we know that every single vote has got to count!

We had lunch yesterday and she told me that they signed up for their absentee ballots! Woo Hoo! Call me shocked! Then she told me she'd convinced her aunt and her grandma to both get absentee ballots! Shocked #2. THEN she told me she talked to someone else about voting and why it is so important to vote. She said, "For the first time I realize how important this election is!"

What has motivated Rikki into action? She was at a wedding this weekend. She and Amy have been together for almost 5 years. Since the last election she has realized she is gay. She is pissed off and has sprung into action because she is being denied her basic human rights. She and Amy are not allowed to get married. Which is ridiculous and sad, but at least it has motivated her to get involved.

Now if others can just see the light as well - women who want to have control over their bodies, families who want to be able to have a place to live and get an eduction, elderly people who want to be able to have food AND medication -

The time is now! Vote!

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