Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What a Day!

Seems like I spent the entire day running around. I hate that!

I had to drop off prescriptions at the pharmacy. (Oh crap! I forgot to go back and get them. oops!) Then I had to transfer $ from one bank to another. My car is in the shop so we have to figure out how to pay for that. I visited our insurance agent to see if our policy covers towing and car rental (it does). Our oldest child, Fred, has recently "allowed" us back in his life. (He needed a place to live). So we are setting him up in an apartment. We made that decision before the car conked out.

I had to go to Waterloo for dentist and chiro appointments. Now I'm waiting to see how much our share of my crown is going to be.

The poor puppy is still suffering. He has seasonal allergies which is causing him to chew his paws raw. I need to monitor that to see if he's going to need a steroid shot. Ugh.

On the bright side when I was in Waterloo there was a farmer's market near the chiro. I got red raspberries, leeks, and green beans. Yum!

Tomorrow Dad and I are supposed to go fishing. Rain is forecast, however. I REALLY want to go fishing!

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