Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Swinging Single

That would be me! Kurt is on business in MN through Wednesday. It's just me and the dog. It's very quiet and very dull here.

We survived the weekend trip to Kurt's folks (despite no brakes in the truck). Kurt told me they went all they way to the floor. I replied, "it's an old truck". Little did I know (they still worked when I drove it!).

I thought i was going to die of heatstroke at kurt's parents. I couldn't sleep. I keep our house like a meat locker. Audra Kae had theirs at 78 degrees i think. She asked if we needed a blanket since the nights get chilly. At one point i tried to roll Kurt off the airbed so I could take it outside and sleep on the deck where it was cool.

We got 2 loads of stuff. It was nice being on the loading end for once so I could do a presort. The new fridge is NICE! Since we got home on Saturday, we called and got the kids on Sunday. We had a day of hauling stuff in and hauling the stuff we are replacing out.

I had free bowling passes so we went and bowled 2 games after supper. Nick is pretty good! Admittedly he had bumpers but he wasn't using them all that much. Alex, of course, was all about winning. At least he was a slightly better sportsman than usual. He really doesn't believe the "it's how you play the game" bit. Christy wore her purple butterfly shirt and a new denim mini skirt. The skirt is way too big, but i guess that is an improvement over way too small. It was nice to see Fred smiling again. Kurt was too tired to bowl, I believe. He probably slipped and fell at least 6 times. I bowled like usual. Some frames were HOT and some were very very bad. I did end up with 114 the second game however.

It's too bad it costs so much for 6 people to go out and do stuff. We all had some quality family time though.

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