Monday, August 15, 2005

Vacation = Leisure right?

We are on vacation this week. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing right? Not around here. We've spent the past 3 days trying to get the kids ready for school. We decided the best plan of attack was to take 1 kid per day, get school clothes, and then school supplies. It hasn't been too bad, but Kurt was pale on several occasions. One was buying our daughter a bra and bikini underwear, the other was when I told Alex, "You're a man, you can decide what you want." Our Sears card is HOT HOT HOT. I'm surprised the company hasn't called to see if it was stolen!

Today Christy, Kurt, and I went and toured her school. She got to see everything, meet the secretary and her math teacher, as well as see where her classroom will be. There will only be 16 kids in her class which we feel will be a good transition for her. All the kids are excited about school. I don't think anyone could be more excited than Kurt and I are!

We also looked a 5 bedroom house that may be in our price range. It would be wonderful to have enough room for everyone and 2.5 baths!

I took the 3 youngest kids to get haircuts. Fred has decided not to attend college, to stay on the farm with the PP and to get a job. He said he'll start school in January. Hopefully that is true. His no school decision however has eliminated the need for us to get him school clothes and supplies.

I need to assemble everything we need for vacation tonite. I rented a minivan so that I will be able to stand the trip. It's been a never ending cycle of laundry, dishes, and meals here. Hopefully it will be cool the next few days.


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Rachel said...

You go girl! Wow a family vacation, and you all got along!!! I am glad you were able to get away. What is you new job?