Thursday, April 05, 2007

California: Part 1

******I've been too busy with school and everyone here at home to have time to blog. Here are the details of my Spring Break trip to California******

Day 1

I flew to CA today via Chicago and LA. Landing in LA was really cool. It was just at sunset so all the buildings were bathed in golden light. The airport itself seems old and sucky. I had to walk a very long ways to get to my gate to Modesto. It was awesome to see palm trees as we were landing. I saw the round LAX thing. There are also tall glass structures that are lit in ever changing shades of blue as cars exit the airport.

Taking off for Modesto was really neat, too. We flew out over the Pacific. There were lights everywhere! The LAX thing was lit up purple. I saw the hugest jet I’ve ever seen, It was a Quantas “spirit of Australia” jumbo jet. It was the kind that had upstairs windows.

The ride to Modesto was loud and very vibrating. It was nice when I got outside. Aunt Jan’s car smells of rotten fruit. I had to move a bunch of apples and a half rotten avocado so I could sit down. And I had to throw out a core of some kind.

When we got to the condo, I could see the stuff piled up inside the dining room. It wasn’t as bad as I’d heard but it was still awful. When she opened the sliders a stench of rot, sour, and I’m not sure what else greeted us. We're going to have our work cut of for us.

I'm sleeping on a mat of some sort on the floor. She and the cat have the bed. The cat hair and dust is bothering me. I'm exhausted so sleep should soon come.

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