Tuesday, April 17, 2007

California - Part 2

******I've been too busy with school and everyone here at home to have time to blog. Here are the details of my Spring Break trip to California******

After a short and restless night it was time to get up and take the Aunt to work. She had the washer repair man coming and he was also going to install a new hood over the stove. It worked out well that I was there so she didn't have to arrange time off from work.

We got out the door and headed across town. It was probably a 30 minute drive to work. We stopped and got a few supplies at the grocery. Salads for our lunches, yogurt for my breakfast and rubber gloves so I could start cleaning. The drive to work was nice. I refamiliarized myself with the town. We drove thru brilliant pink blossoming orchards (I think they were peaches and some nut trees). It was gorgeous. I've never been out there in the spring. Everyone's grass was green, the flowers were blooming, and the air was warm. Everyone I ran into was complaining how hot it was. After two months of subzero, snow, and ice storms I thought the were crazy and ungrateful!

I got her dropped off at work and headed back to the apartment. I decided to tackle cleaning off the stove top first so the repairmen would have a clear space to work. Since every surface was stacked with stuff it was quite the change.

Next I decided to do the dirty dishes in the sink (I thought that might be a source of the smell). First, though, I had to create a clean surface to put clean dishes on. I started hauling empty boxes, a bird bath, and other clutter out to the patio. I managed to clear off half the table. I found a clean bath towel to set on the table and I was ready to go. The sink was disgusting!

The repairmen showed up. I made it clear that I was a guest. At one point we had to find the circuit box. The repair guy had to help me into the 2nd bedroom because there was so much stuff! I finally found it in the closet. In 1987 the closet was full of 5 gallon pails of quick oats, now it's full of very nice glass wear and ceramics. I think the Aunt needs a hobby other than going to TJ MAXX!

I gave myself a break and went to Barnes and Noble. I had some tea, some cake, and some wi-fi. I already missed my husband (but not enough to wish I was home!) I drove downtown and went through the McHenry Mansion - they were some of the earliest residents of the town. It was gorgeous! I also saw the American Graffiti statue sine Modesto is the birthplace of George Lucas. I sat in the park for a while and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I was to meet the Aunt and her friends at a restaurant called the FRUITYARD for an early dinner. It was aptly, out in the orchards. Her old friend, Ruth (whom I know), Jose (her boss), and two sisters all were in attendance. Everyone was Latino so it was a cool experience.

The buffet was huge and varied. There was stuff you just don't see on an Iowa buffet. Tamales, huge slices of calamari, prime rib, fajita meat and rice, a stew, as well as prime rib, crab legs (cold instead of hot - weird), shrimp, as well as desserts and salads. The restaurant had all kinds of animal heads up on the walls - a lot of them were African. No one seemed to know why - was the original owner a big game hunter? What was the deal?

The Aunt was taking the next two days off. She had a couple of doctor appointments and Thursday we were going to the coast, to Monterey!

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