Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Lovely Weekend

Kurt and I had a lovely weekend. The weather was very nice. It was ridiculously warm today though; reaching almost 90 degrees. Kurt got the lawn mowed (part of our prenuptial agreement - he does all the mowing). We went to Waterloo, had a lovely lunch at Zio Johno's, recycled our cardboard, went to Barnes and Noble, and dropped off some stuff at Rikki and Amy's place. Rikki and I have set our garage sale for the second Saturday in June in case anyone wants to bring anything.

Kurt and I hit some garage sales yesterday morning on our way to Goodwill. We didn't get much just some goodies and a soda. I had two finals on Friday so I decided to take the weekend off. I have two more this upcoming week. Tomorrow night I have a 3 hour study group for my Bio-Medical Ethics class. I need to learn the last 2 chapters of accounting by Tuesday so I can hopefully pass that class.

Friday I'm having an endoscopy to see what the deal is with my constant gagging. I have the following week off since the summer Biology class I'm taking is 3 weeks instead of four (but that also means it's 3 hours a day. YIKES!)

Hopefully, I'll utilize the next few days off and get lots of studying accomplished. Tuesday, I'm taking Alex for his second driver's test. This one has to be better than the last. I can't imagine it being worse!

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