Monday, April 30, 2007

A Country Drive

Friday was gorgeous here. After the kids left for the weekend, Kurt and I decided to see if my parents wanted to go out for supper. They did so the four of us headed to Edgewood to eat. It was country that Kurt hadn't been through before. There is construction on Hwy 3 so a direct route was out of the question. My dad and I are HUGE fans of "never go the same way twice" so it was fine with me! I used to live over that way so it was interesting to see the changes to the country.

We had a cheap and yummy buffet dinner and drinks. Kurt and my dinners (and vodka lemonades) came to $23.12!! So there you have another bonus of living in podunk Iowa. After dinner we decided to head north through the countryside. North of Edgewood and Strawberry Point is very hilly with long ranging vistas. It's referred to as "Little Switzerland" (according to the town sign - I've never actually heard anyone call it that). I've been in Switzerland though and it's an accurate description. It was that golden hour when the sun is setting and everything is bathed in that wonderful light. We saw lots of wildlife - most of which were up close. Wild turkeys, a partridge, a badger, four or five deer, and lots of hawks. I'd really like to live out in the country again. I can't imagine living in a big city. I need some space and some green.

I drove home for my study group tonight. It was 78 degrees at 8:30. It's much to early for it, but I really enjoyed having the windows down, the music turned up, and being able to smell the fresh air, and the newly turned soil. Lots and lots of farmers are putting in many, many hours.

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