Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny Kid

We spent the weekend in Rochester at my brother and sister-in-laws' house. My other brother and sister-in-law and their kids were there from Texas as well as my mother and father-in-law.

Getting everyone together is always fun. There's movies, swimming, napping and endless discussing.

My nephew Ethan is 5 (I think). In my defense, he hasn't been my nephew that long! Anyway we took Francis with us. Ethan is possibly the loudest kid I have ever met. Francis was trying to play with him and looking up at him. Ethan goes, "Why is your dog smiling at me?" He also wanted to know if he was fully trained. I said yes thinking he meant potty trained. Later on Francis was barking and being naughty and Ethan wasn't obeying either. He looks at me accusingly, "I thought you said he was fully trained!" I replied, "Well, he's fully potty trained but sometimes he won't listen. Are you fully trained?" He got a sheepish smile and said, "not always."

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