Thursday, August 07, 2008

It was a bad Day

Tuesday the 22nd was probably our least pleasant day in Manila. Kurt was tired and I think we both were hungry. There was lots of stress and crying.

We had breakfast at the hotel when Kurt got back from work. He had wild boar and I had tocino which is a national dish. It is pork belly that is very pink - like those chicken sticks you get at Chinese buffets. Both came with garlic rice and an egg.

I shopped at the Galaxy Mall and at Shopwise (which is the Wal-Mart of the Philippines). I tried unsuccessfully to buy stamps somewhere. Everyone had a different idea as to where that would be. After being incorrectly directed to 5 or 6 places I began to doubt that the Philippines had a national postal service.

I wanted to go to Boracay the following weekend. I thought Kurt had agreed with me. One of the girls at work had a friend/relative that was a travel agent and could get us a deal. We would need to go on Friday Saturday Sunday in order for me to make it back so I could fly home on Monday, but that would mean Kurt would need to take Friday off. He would actually be working until Saturday morning (which would be until Friday night Iowa time). Therein lay our problem. He works too hard. I thought they wouldn't begrudge him a day off since he'd worked more than a week straight with barely any sleep since the flood.

The next stress point came when we couldn't pay for the package with credit card. We'd have to do cash but the travel agency was 2 hours away! I withdrew 30,000 php and tried to Western Union the money, but I didn't have enough information to do that (after I walked back there in the heat, pollution, and traffic). By now it was after 3 pm and we were told the tickets wouldn't be held beyond that. Now I was trapped in the Philippines with no chance of going to one of the top beaches in the world and more money than I could spend with no way of redepositing it.
We called 911 (the number for Pizza Hut) and had dinner.

Hopefully Wednesday would be better

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