Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quite A Day

It's been quite a day around here.

Kurt and I got up and went to the Farmer's Market and Fareway to get supplies for tonight's BBQ with our friends the Wake's. Before we left I put oven cleaner in the oven and let it work.

When we got back I started weeding and dividing my perennials while Kurt and Nick put together our new gas grill. It had MANY parts. Kurt was going to clean the oven for me, but since it took almost 3 hours to get the grill together I did it myself.

SO while I was scrubbing, I bumped the element and there was a flash of fire. Lovely. Kurt switched off the breaker, I finished cleaning it then got cleaned up for Chinese buffet with lunch with Mom, Dad, Marn, and Batman (aka my nephew Ryan)(cape and all)!

SO Kurt had to pull the stove out (disgusting omg). He then proceeded to rewire it. It works so I was able to make the brownies.

It seems like we've been working all day. Since the oven got pulled out then we had to sweep the floor. Since we're having company the bathrooms needed some TLC. Of course, there's vacuuming, straightening, and sorting etc etc etc.

Now we're just waiting for them to get here so I can fire up the grill and get the burgers, brats and wienies going. I've chopped the onions and the tomatoes from my garden. The radishes, cauliflower, carrots, dip and chips are ready to go. So is the jello fluff and the pasta salad.

Let's eat!

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Kurt said...

I was glad it was a simple repair. We didn't need more complication in our lives!

- Kurt.