Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A picnic at the River

When I woke up on Sunday morning I wanted to do something fun. I usually feel that way on Sundays. When spent most of Saturday cleaning so we deserved something fun to do. I really wanted to drive over to the Mississippi since it was such a beautiful day. I didn't figure Kurt would be too interested though because he's told me he's not a picnic person.
I called my parents for some reason and discovered they were going to do exactly that! I invited us along so we got to picnic on the river!
Our picnics are different from when I was a kid. We stopped and got Subway rather than make sandwiches or haul along stuff to grill. We had our staple of cold pork and beans (yum!) as well as potato chips, macaroni and 3 bean salad and some grapes. We drove over to Guttenburg. We picnicked by the cannon (our usual spot). We didn't see any barges but there were plenty of pleasure craft to see. A bald eagle was soaring overhead as we ate.

After lunch we headed north to Pike's Peak, McGregor and Prairie du Chien. Pike's Peak never changes but it's always gorgeous. The river seemed low. There was lots of visible sand and water hyacinths. Dad pointed out that the sand may have washed in with all the flooding we had this year. Kurt and I walked over to the Bear effigy mound. It wasn't mowed like the surrounding grass so it was much easier to see.

Lastly we headed across the river to Cabela's. I can't stand that place. Looking at dead animals sniffing each other's butts is not my thing. Kurt got some wool socks for shoveling snow this winter (which is a horrible thought).

Oddly, we were in Wisconsin and did not pick up any cheese curds.

It always seems like it takes forever to get home from the river. Naps were had on the way home (by Kurt) and then at home (by me).

I'm very glad I happened to call at the right time!

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