Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back from the Caucus

What a clusterfuck. Seriously. My sister just called. It was a cluster at her precinct too. We can't even count to 37. How in the hell are we supposed to elect a president when we can't even agree on how to count to 37? This is seriously the stupidest in which I have ever participated. I'm glad I went but if someone else wants to be first in the nation it's fine with me.

There were way more people at the Middle school than I expected. There were more cars/people than for a sports or musical event. We had 99 people in our precinct. I thought the Obama chick was going to cry. I'm sure she'll declare fraud with the numbers. It ended up 4 delegates for Hillary, 4 for Edwards and 2 for Obama. The delegates are based on the number of people each candidate had once we were aligned by group. I see they're saying Obama is the winner which probably means he won't be the candidate because the people who win Iowa seldom are.

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