Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Tough Decision

We decided it was best to put my grandpa on morphine today. He's getting 10mg every 2 hours. They started at 10 am. I then left (just as the social workers came in to counsel me) and went to work. I only have 18.5 hours of internship left to complete. I called my sister so she could come up and see Grandpa while he still has some semblance of himself since the drug will depress all of his systems. She, my brother-in-law and nephew came this afternoon. Marn thought Grandpa looked awful. AJ and I commented how much better he was with the morphine. He was smiling at Ryan and would give more than one or two word answers.

Right now I'm trying to get to the home in time to help him with breakfast if necessary. He'd eaten 100%, was in the dining room, and was feeding himself when I got there this morning. I usually go back around 5 pm so I can relieve my aunt and then feed him supper. We got him to eat all of his sandwich filling and two things of applesauce for dinner. I am tired.

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