Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This and That

I've started studying for the NAB exam. I'm taking an online review thru DMACC. Now that I've finally been able to log in, I know why it was only $50. It's 173 (of I believe a bank of 20,000) possible questions presented in seven different formats. Of course, some of the answers are "none of the above" or "a and b" when there aren't any choices provided. Also sometimes they want 4 or IV or four. There appears to be no pattern to it either. Still, I think the game/flashcard/quiz format will be effect. I will at least have 173 of the answers memorized. Oh wait, some of the questions are presented twice with different answers. Nice.

We got a Phillips ipod docking station/speaker system yesterday (on the front of the target ad). I really really like it. It's causing me to watch less TV which is a good thing.

The lifestyle change is going ok even though there was a chocolate zinger incident the other day. Weigh-in is in two days.

My diploma arrived to day. I stuck it in my diploma cover. Now what shall I do with it? I got a transcript, too. My overall GPA was 3.21. I ordered two more study texts. The two new ones will bring my total to 7 + the study class. I need to review my medical terminologies too.

We bought a recumbent bike today. It's still in the box in the kitchen because I sidetracked Kurt when he was in the basement. We've now liberated 6 rubber maids (although 2 of them were refilled). I have a load to take to Good Will and the garbage can is filled to capacity as are the recycling bins.

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Kurt said...

I unboxed and assembled the bike tonight. Not a bad process, as these things go. But I'm over the weight limit to use it so I guess I'll have to diet before I can use it. Ugh.