Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It is FREEZING here! Despite the frigidity the politicos are still out and about - both Hillarians and Obamians stopped by. Tomorrow night are the caucuses - we're planning on going, but we still don't know for whom. The way the caucus is run it would be a lot shorter to be a Republican (that's the only reason I can think of though!)

The kids are back. I can't get warm. We have a new faucet in the bathroom. We had the care conference for my grandpa today. The home isn't doing very well in keeping his medications straight. The conference was very frustrating for me because where I'm doing my internship is very well run and they know all the residents very, very well.

I got a George Bush a day isms calendar for Christmas. Only 385 days til he is gone!

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hope they have good coffee at the caucus tonite!