Saturday, January 19, 2008

Celebrity Siting - I Guess

Kurt's at work so I went down to the casino (they have free pop). There's all kind of security guards everywhere. I thought I heard people talking about some football player going by. I get to the lobby and there's a rope line. People are standing there with all sorts of Packer items. I walk past. I ask a guard "Is there a football player here?" He replies, "A few."

I play the 25 cent and 2 cent slots for a while. I put in $5 and won $10. I came "home" with $9. Gambling is really not my thing and it was really smokey.

I go back to the room. There is even more security. The guard I spoke to before opens the door for a bunch of guys in suits. Then a very tall guy in a sweat suit comes out along with a littler dude. One of them handed me something (he must be a Jehovah's witness)(it looked like one of their brochures). The both looked at me, shook my hand and headed up the hall. All kinds of flashed were going off. I heard one of them call the taller one KBG.

I looked them up. The first one was DE KABEER GBAJA-BIAMILA #94 and the shorter one was Aaron Rodgers

Evidently the Packers stay here the night before a home game. I'm watching the news and they're interviewing some of the players. The footage is from inside the hotel.

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